Will Parties

Nov 7, 2008

Perhaps you have heard something about “Will Parties.”  This new trend is a take on the Tupperware Party and another way that our society is learning to take care of business in between work, soccer practice, and bed time.  With a Will Party, you and your friends can get together (with or without the kids), and bring an attorney to you to take care of your estate plan.  Most attorneys who offer Will Parties also offers a discount for those hosting and attending the party.  A Will Party is the perfect opportunity for you and your friends to have fun and save money while completing your estate plan.

My typical process for a Will Party is:

  1. A Host plans the party, reserves a date, and sends out invitations.

  2. Everyone fills out a Questionnaire and Retainer Agreement and returns them to me at least two weeks before the party.

  3. I will have a phone consultation (or in person if preferred) with each client to discuss their situation and confirm that my Basic Estate Plan is right for them.  I will then provide each client with a draft to review before the party.

  4. At the party I will provide general information to the group and then meet individually with each client to review the documents.  Attendees will then take turns acting as each other’s witnesses for the signing.

All attendees receive a discount based on the number of estate plans (single or couple) at the party: $50 discount for 3-5 plans, $75 for 6-8 plans, and $100 for 9 or more plans.  The Host receives an extra $50 discount. 

Contact me today to schedule your own Will Party!