Judicial Elections: How do you decide?

Oct 31, 2008

Tuesday is Election Day.  Over the last few weeks we have been inundated with commercials, mailings, phone calls, and maybe even a personal visit or two telling us why we should (or should not) vote for this person for President, Congress, Senate, Mayor, City Council, etc.  But few people remember that when they go to vote on Tuesday, they will also have the opportunity to vote on a handful of Judges.

How do you find out information on these judicial elections?  Minnesota Lawyer has compiled an online judicial election guide, which includes a list of contested races and profiles for those running.  And if you are unsure of how to make your decision, check out the Star Tribune commentary provided by Charles Lundberg last week.  Mr. Lundberg suggests an easy process for deciding on appellate judges.  Consult with an appellate lawyer for his or her opinion on judges.  If you don’t know any appellate lawyers, vote for the incumbant unless you have a good reason not to.  This same process can be used for district court judges, just consult with a lawyer with experience in those districts.

Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you get out and vote on Tuesday.