Iowa Supreme Court Unanimously Decides: Ban on Same-Sex Marriages Violates Equal Protection Clause

Apr 6, 2009

In a ground breaking decision last Friday, Iowa became the third state to allow same-sex marriages.  In Varnum v. Brien the Iowa Supreme Court unanimously ruled that a statute limiting civil marriage to one woman and one man violated the equal protection clause of the Iowa Constitution.  Because the decision was based on the state constitution, there is no option of appealing the decision.  For a summary of the decision, click here.  For more information, see the article from The Des Moines Register.

As some states move towards allowing same-sex marriages, while others try their hardest to prevent them, various legal issues can arise for same-sex couples.  And the future holds many uncertainties.  No matter what state you live in or what state you marry in, it is important to meet with an attorney to discuss the legal steps needed to protect your family.  Contact me today to discuss estate planning, partnership agreements, and more.