How Not to Tell Your Spouse You Want a Divorce

May 4, 2009

As a divorce lawyer, one of the questions I frequently get is “How do I tell my spouse I want a divorce?”  My answer is always “It depends.”  I don’t know your spouse, I don’t know how he or she is likely to react.  But I do know 5 ways to tell your spouse that generally do not go over well:

  1. Have your children tell your spouse the marriage is over.
  2. Let your new boyfriend/girlfriend tell your spouse the divorce is pending and you are moving in with him/her.
  3. End your relationship on Facebook.  Blog about your desire for a divorce.  Tweet about your new profile.
  4. Make the announcement at a family reunion or company picnic.
  5. Say nothing, move out in the middle of the day, and have your spouse served with divorce papers that night.