How to Guarantee You’ll Have a Divorce from Hell

Sep 29, 2008

While we all hear about those who want to have an “easy” divorce, some divorces just are not easy. 

#1.  Lie.  It’s critical that you and your attorney trust each other. So why not lie to them? That’s really a great strategy.

# 5 Don’t do anything.  If you really want to frustrate everyone, including your own lawyer, don’t do anything. Don’t call anyone back. Don’t respond to emails or letters or show up for meetings.

# 6  Don’t listen to your lawyer, get legal advice from your friends and family.  This is a personal favorite of mine. I know you hired an attorney to guide you thought this legal matter, but he or she couldn’t possibly know as much about the law as your aunt Dorothy who has been divorced 3 times.

These steps will definitely get your divorce off to a horrific start, guarantee complete emotional turmoil for yourself, your family, and your close friends and several thousands of dollars in earned legal fees for your attorney.