What are you leaving behind? Ethical wills and passing along more than money.

Jul 24, 2010

When we talk about estate planning we are generally talking about the business of transferring property and money upon death.  However, our most valuable assets often have nothing to do with trust funds or dollar signs.  Things such as family history; life lessons; personal values; old photographs, journals, or poems – these are the things that mean the most to us, and to our families.  Unless you plan ahead, there is a very good chance these things will be lost upon your death.

One way to preserve these things is by preparing an “ethical will” or “legacy letter.”  This is not a legal document or will in the normal sense of the word.  But it is a way for you to organize your thoughts and feelings and share them with your loved ones after you are gone.  For a great resource on ethical wills check out: http://ethicalwill.com/