Better File Now – Court Filing Fees to Increase July 1, 2009

Jun 16, 2009

In case you haven’t heard, the court system (like everything else) is broke.   Starting July 1, 2009, Minnesota court filing fees will be increases.  The new family court filing fees for most of the state (Hennepin County tends to run higher by $2) will be:

  • $400 Divorce Filing Fee (previously $330) – In most cases each party will pay the filing fee (This can be avoided IF the parties have reached a complete agreement prior to entering the court system.  But be prepared to pay if you are fighting).  The good news is, once you have paid the case filing fee, you won’t have to pay it again.
  •  $100 Filing Fee for all Motions and Responses (previously $55) – If you need to ask the court for temporary relief during a divorce proceeding, or wish to bring a motion post-divorce to enforce provisions, modify child support, etc, you will be paying a $100 to the Court.  If the other side brings a motion you disagree with, you will be paying $100 to contest it.  And, if you did not pay an initial case filing fee before, be prepared to pay it now.

So, if you have been thinking of modifying child support or filing for divorce, act now and save a few dollars.  Every little bit helps.